Visa By Mail Service

  • We provide free phone consultation
  • You mail your documents to us
  • We receive and check your paperwork
  • We submit your Application to the Consulate
  • We mail Passport with issued Saudi Arabian Visa to you


Visa Concierge Service

  • You bring your Passport to us
  • We fill out all the forms for you
  • We do passport photos on-site for FREE
  • We submit your Application to the Consulate
  • You pick up your Saudi Arabian Visa in our officersz_landing_page_pictures


Travel to Saudi Arabia requires a visa. Saudi Arabia is one of the only countries that does not issue tourist visas. You can travel to Saudi Arabia either as a business traveler or to visit a relative. The Embassy of Saudi Arabia issues different types of visas, depending on the purpose of the trip. The Saudi embassy requires the following documents in order to obtain a visa:

– Original National Passport.
– Saudi visa application form and passport photo.
– Signed and dated Notice on Saudi Laws and Regulations. 
– 1 passport-sized photograph.
– Business letter of invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for business visa applicants).
– Notarized business letter from sending company in the United States (for business visa applicants).
– Certificate of Business Registration from inviting Saudi company with approval stamp from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for business visa applicants).
– Family visit reference note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (for family visit visa applicants).

Union Visa LLC is a private visa agency that works closely with the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, but is not affiliated with it. We provide professional travel visa services and charge a service fee. Visas to Saudi Arabia can also be obtained by applying directly with the Embassy or Consulates. 

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